Dallas Dog Rescue Rehab Reform Donation (Texas)

“Every animal deserves a chance. We never give up. If we have not found them a home then we have not tried everything yet. We take the unwanted, we take the broken, and we do what others call impossible no matter what the cost.” -Dallas Dog Team

Dallas Dog Rescue, Rehab, Reform is a foster-based rescue serving the abandoned, hurt and displaced animals in the State of Texas working to change the fact that Texas ranks as one of the highest states for euthanizing adoptable dogs and cats. This is a huge mission but they are working towards that goal tirelessly everyday. Dallas Dog Rescue was formally registered as a street rescue in 2015 and has since been able to go from saving the few dogs they could to saving thousands throughout Texas. This rescue focuses on saving those animals that have the lowest chances of being rescued as they know that every animal needs an advocate as they cannot speak for themselves. 

Being a foster-based rescue, Dallas Dog depends upon the volunteers, fosters and donors to achieve their mission and they couldn’t be more grateful for the hundreds of people involved to help support them. Dallas Dog Rescue, Rehab, Reform means just that, in their words: “Dallas Dog RESCUES the hurt and abandoned, REHABILITATES the broken, and REFORMS the community through education to eliminate animal neglect.” They strive daily to reduce the amount of owner surrenders and the stray population as well as to reform the community so people will value all animal life. 


When we met with a representative of Dallas Dog Rescue, Patti,  to drop off our dog treats we got to hear even more about this great organization and all they do. Patti had just returned from the vet with one of the foster dogs in her care, a sweet little Frenchie, Harold, who was an owner-surrender. Harold has hydrocephalus and megaesophagus and he’s also paralyzed from a spine curvature, he goes just about everywhere with Patti in a little stroller. Due to Harold‘s conditions and needs he will be a forever foster in Patti’s home and that goes to show just how dedicated these individuals are to doing whatever it takes to ensure all animals entrusted to them are cared for and loved. 

Toaster’s Treats is honored to be able to help support such a great organization through our treat donation program, Buy a Bag, Give a Bag, to help provide all natural, healthy dog treats to dogs in need. Together, we can make a difference.

In conclusion, one of the mottos of Dallas Dog Rescue is “You can’t buy love, but you can rescue it!” And we couldn’t agree more. 

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