Underdog Animal Rescue & Rehab Donation (Utah)

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 This organization focuses on exclusively rescuing dogs from the Native American reservations in the Southwest around the Four Corners. Located in Moab, Utah Underdog Rescue does the majority of their work in the Navajo Nation,  which is the largest in the US at over 27,000 square miles. In addition to the Navajo nation they also work with the Hopi, Ute, Apache and Zuni nations and reservations.    

Not only does this great organization rescue dogs in need they also provide veterinary care, vaccination clinics, spay and neuter services and more to the reservation communities they serve. Many dogs in the area are discarded, are strays, or end up in high-kill shelters where only 7% off the dogs will make it out. When it comes to strays on the reservation, they only have a life expectancy of about two years, but luckily enough, in addition to rescuing the strays they can and saving as many as possible from the high-kill shelters Underdog Animal Rescue also has areas they regularly check for those dogs left behind and the community knows that, so dogs are left where they know they will be found and Underdog Rescue does just that, finds these Underdogs, rehabilitates them as needed and gets them adopted out to their forever homes. 

To say Toaster’s Treats was proud to be able to donate to and work with such a great organization would be an understatement. We knew of the great work this rescue does but seeing it firsthand was remarkable. We got to tour the facility, meet many of the dogs in their care and learn even more about what they do to help dogs in need in the area. We were able to make our first donation to Underdog of our all-natural treats for dogs and initiated our future relationship through our Together at Toaster’s Treats program to be able to help them directly through monetized donations. If you would like to help support this rescue while you treat your pet then click their link below and 20% of the proceeds from your purchase goes directly to them to aid their mission in helping dogs in need.


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