Here at Toaster’s Treats our mission is simple, provide all dogs, regardless of their circumstances, with safe, quality, all-natural treats.

Our Story

After the military the transition back to civilian life was not an easy one and there is no denying that our dog Toast instinctually played a key role in our transition, recovery and relationship. Ever since he was a little guy, Toast has always had a picky palate and an even more sensitive tummy that has only gotten more sensitive with age. And then we had a scare, and it was that scare that drove us to dive deeper into what was really in the treats we were giving him and we were not happy. So we created a treat we could feel good about giving him, because like your dog, our dog is a member of the family.

There are many ways a person or couple like us can express their deep appreciation to society and to their dog, and the way we have chosen to do just that is to create something wonderful, full of love and passion in Toast’s name, and place it out there into the world.

And you can rest easy knowing here at Toaster’s Treats we believe in clean, not complicated. Our treats aren’t made up of nonsense ingredients and we don’t try to distract you with colorful packaging. We set out on this path because we share a vision of staying true to the cause of quality treats and dog satisfaction all while having a positive impact. We believe Toaster’s Treats is making a contribution with the help of a community who loves their dogs and want to support helping dogs in need just by treating their own.

We are honored to share our labor of love and commitment to quality with you. The journey has been difficult, but building a company you can trust and stand by, because we don’t settle for anything other than excellence, has made it worth every step.

Together we can make a difference. Thank you.

“We’re a small business. We should feature our Toaster’s Treats extended family members, #ToastersTreatsFam”

-The Founder

Toaster's Treats customers play a direct role in supporting shelter dogs with safe premium treats. Every purchase is matched to support no-kill shelters cari...

We love sharing creations from our community

From our customers

“I really love it. The packaging and everything... they don’t smell s****y like other treats.”


“I want to tell you the excitement my dogs have when I ask them if want a treat. They will be obsessively barking outside and I yell, “you want a trrreeeat,” they come RUNNING inside. Also, Grizzly has caught on to this reward system of these yummy treats and will ask to go outside then INSTANTLY will bark to come back in for TREAT!”


“Truffle wants to know if she can be your dog model lol”

You asked and here you go Truffle! Enjoy!