Treat Perfection

Guided by picky dog palettes, we bring unique blending and baking techniques into both our hand-crafted and contemporary treats to create satisfying flavors and the perfect textures. When it comes to making our Toaster's Treats we do so with all dogs in mind to ensure optimal enjoyment, so with a flavor and size to satisfy every dog, (we even have vegan and allergy-friendly options too,) you can't go wrong with a Toaster.

Quality Ingredients

Our treats are formulated to perfection with only quality ingredients to be a crunchy and delicious treat for dogs of all ages and sizes. Toaster's have no artificial coloring, no artificial preservatives, no added sugars, no by-products, no fillers, no junk, period. We believe dogs are family so we provide quality, safe, all-natural treats you can feel good about spoiling your dog with.

Artisanal Treats

Our treats are crafted and designed by skilled hands in two forms; hand-crafted treats and contemporary treats, putting flavor and texture at the forefront of all our creations to make sure your dog gets the tastiest and most delicious treats possible.
What sets our hand-crafted treats apart are they are just that, hand-crafted, start to finish in small batches, and limited quantities.
While our contemporary treats employ a more modern baking technique using the finest all-natural ingredients as always for a delicious, extra crunchy snack.